3 Techniques for Picking Music for Your Wedding

To greatly help alleviate the headaches, here are 3 tips to consider as the wedding day approaches:

Tip #1: Pick out music that you like!

It’s important to have conversations with your lover to choose upon bits of music that both of you Like to listen to. Whether or not you are into traditional jazz, if you are into country, if you are into simple melodies, or if you are into rock, pick items that show your personalities. Obviously, for a marriage wedding ceremony, consider picking bits of music that fit the placing (chapel vs hall). By the end of your day, opt for your gut instinct. If you’re having difficulty picking items, ask others for ideas.

Suggestion #2: Don’t worry about “being cliche”

As a specialist musician, I cannot let you know a number of times I have already been asked to execute the following parts: Canon in D Major, Ave Maria, THE MARRIAGE March (Mendelssohn OR Wagner). I am not complaining whatsoever, believe me!

In most cases, the real classics are set-in-stone for grounds: they work! If you value the noises of the range passages of Canon in D or love the familiarity of THE MARRIAGE March, don’t let this natural curiosity about these musical choices: by the end of your day, the musical choices that provide you the most indicating and enjoyment would be the bits of music you will keep in mind for the others of your marriage! (particularly if you have a videographer on-hand to fully capture the magic of as soon as!)

Tip #3: If you’re stuck, REQUIRE HELP!

Let’s face it, there are extensive decisions to be produced through the planning phases of any wedding! Musical options for the wedding ceremony or reception might be in the bottom of the list.

Within my performance job (of 15+ years), many newly-engaged lovers have asked questions about the music that could suit their needs, specifically for the wedding ceremony. In each case, I usually give a good “go-to” list with lots of the most-popular parts and YouTube videos. This always really helps to small down the seek out the perfect piece.

When you have an item at heart for your marriage ceremony or reception, nevertheless, you are unsure if the piece is wonderful for a particular drum combination, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask. Good wedding music artists will usually answer using their honest opinion; in some instances, a compromise can be met to help create the perfect atmosphere for the wedding day!

Ian Green, pianist, composer, instructor, musician, and owner of Music By Ian Green Inc. provides professional musical accompaniment to all or any occasions that call upon his services.

If it’s a marriage reception, marriage ceremony, wedding rehearsal, or champagne reception, Ian gets the skill and versatility to offer an enjoyable atmosphere to please all music tastes.